Ballet: The Word and it's Meanings



              Ballet, the word has a meaning to most people. When they hear it, they think of a girl dressed in a pink tutu twirling and hopping around a stage. However, if you follow ballet for any length of time then you know that it’s much more than that but while there are people who know what the word really means there are fewer who know where it comes from. Let’s take a look at the word ballet, its origins, and its meanings.

              Ballet is defined as a “theatrical, costumed dance and pantomime performance telling a story and representing characters and passions by gestures and groupings,”. It came about in the 1660s from the French ballette which itself came from the Italian balletto. It is a diminutive of ballo “a dance”, and is from the Late Latin ballare which means “to dance,” as well as from the Greek ballizein which means “to dance, jump about”.

              The word ballet means different things to different people. While to some it means a boring spectacle to others it represents a world of sophistication and elegance. It brings back a parent’s memories of watching their child during their recital. It reminds a former dancer the thrill she got performing on stage back when she was younger. It brings excitement to a little girl just before she starts taking classes. Ballet means that and so much more because every person who dances or enjoys a performance adds something else to its meaning. What is the meaning that you will add to the word ballet?


              May Slippers and Tutus’ customers have many successful performances in the future.




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