About Us


People express themselves in a number of ways. One of them is through the many styles of dance, which includes ballet. After learning about this dance form we realized that we wanted to share it's beauty. Slippers and Tutus was created to do just that, not only by selling dance wear but by letting people know about the rich history of ballet, which can be traced back to the Renaissance in France and Italy.


Our merchandise is provided by certified suppliers so you can be sure that you're getting quality. We're working hard to be the one stop shop for all your dance apparel needs but we won't stop there. One day soon we hope to be the source of all things ballet in your life.


Ballet is art that you make with the motions of your body, with the stage as the canvas. During each performance you create a piece that lives on in the memory of the audience and with the right apparel you can make sure that memory last for a long time. A good performance is a work of art and to make this art accessible to everyone Slippers and Tutus offers a wide range of dance apparel, gear, and related merchandise. We want your child to feel great on the dance floor so we strive to give them the apparel that they'll love and enjoy to wear. We also work hard to make our quality affordable because we know that you're a smart shopper. Our goal is to be your first and last stop because we believe that everyone should love their time in the dance.